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Average Valcovlian for the most part. He stands 7 and half feet tall. Light blue-skinned with dark magenta tattooing that goes from under his nose, across his lips, down his chin and follows his jaw. His ears are large, bat-like, mobile, and curl at the tips. They’re pierced and sometimes have a tooth hanging from each

A smooth, long, prehensile tail (powerful enough to hold his weight for long periods of time) adds another limb. He has black semi-retractable claws on his fingers (five on each) with four large black-clawed toes. He sports two sets of canines on both top and bottom. There is also a third set in the roof of his mouth like a snake’s. The venom is not lethal in normal doses but can cause paralysis. He can control such a bite and never uses it unless he has no weapon and he‘s hunting for food. His blood is poisonous and can be just as harmful as his venom. Valcovlian hair ranges from white to black and all shades of gray as well as a pale gray-purple which comes and goes in generations. His hair is white and goes down past his shoulder blades.

Cold weather and strong light are unpleasant for him, so late sunset to early dawn is when he prefers to be out and about. All senses are many times what a human’s are, and as such, more delicate. What could smell bad to a human, may nauseate him. He has one large visible scar that runs from the top of his forehead hairline down across his right eye, down his neck, across his chest and stomach around to the top base of his tail. He got the scar while out in the wilderness, shortly after killing his stepfather. Valcovlian blood is sea greenish, and the scars he bears are as such.

Lastly, his species has some telepathic abilities, but not in words. In emotions and in something like watercolor pictures or waves through one‘s head. For example, if Odyn, his loving steed, was happy, pinks and purples and blues of bubble-like forms would drift into Nickov’s mind. And vice versa. Humans do not have this ability but Valcovlians can sense something along those lines when near any living being. The closer one is to the being, the more distinctive the image in the mind.

Genitalia & Sex:
Male Valcovlians have no nipples but dark blue patches of skin where they would be. Males also have a barren womb and ovaries within them, often removed at birth in Nobility for it's known to be the source of health problems later on in life. Nickov was tribe-born and were never removed.

His sea green cock is sheathed in blue skin when flaccid and, other than the color and much larger size, looks much like a circumcised human's when erect. Testicles are external and hang below like a human's as well. His seed is black, very thick and he produces almost three times as much as a human does in one climax.

Females are typically bigger than males and have a higher testosterone level, making them incredibly vicious when provoked. Matriarchal societies are more common than patriarchal and in females typically remain within the tribe their whole lives. Gestation is twelve months or more and offspring, when healthy, are weaned off milk in under two months, and walking and talking in six. Twins are rare, most dying while in the womb, at birth or within a year.


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