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Nickov, the Painted Noble, Original character of mine, do not steal.

Description of World and Its People: Valcovla. This planet resides outside our own galaxy and a bit of a ways from Indigo 151, one of many planets we humans have settled on in the very distant future. Valcovla’s sunlight is about half of what Earth's is, and the atmosphere is deadly to all non-indigenious life. Due to the fumes and chemicals in the air as well as its position near its two suns, the planet is nearly 120 degrees worldwide, while at the poles it drops far below zero at -400. The land is reddish brown, mostly desert, and scattered with volcanoes. There are few ponds or lakes except during a short time in the rainy season when the planet cools enough to allow such. However, there are many rivers and streams, all of which lead to the five seas that cover a little less than half the planet.

Some large landmarks include the Fera-Aov Desert, the largest span of sand (about the size of Asia) with no animal or plant life with a summer degree temperature of 200. Due to such extremes, its never been explored and there is a magnetic field that covers the majority of it that immediately causes any technology to go haywire. However, three tribes supposedly live on it. It is unknown if there are more or if they are just mirages and myths. On the opposite side of Valcovla is the largest sea, Lere-Wiov. Also unexplored but satellite readings indicate that it goes several miles down. And lastly there is the mountain range that runs in an S shape around the world called Gera-Braiov. The majority of the mountains are volcanoes, but not all are active.

Nickov’s species, the Valcovlians, are very intelligent, but hostile. Due to their community struture however, war is not possible for them so they try to avoid squabbles with other planets. A short time after the humans discovered the Valcovlians, a group of human scientists-later to be reportedly part of a dark group called The Red Herdsmen-kidnapped and experimented on a dozen Valcovlian families. While gaining a ton of knowledgeable information about the new alien species, the group killed the Valcovlians and disappeared before the authorities could step in and rescue them, thus putting the relationship between the humans and the Valcovlians under a heavy strain of distrust. A group of human ambassadors tried to make peace with them, but the surviving members of those that had had their families slain tortured the humans and sent them back in pieces before their community hunted them down and killed them to satisfy the humans in turn.

As such, humans are forbidden to settle on the planet and only the capital city in the north, Jeruovka, can allow a landing or trade, of which only happens once a year.

Jeruovka is the planet’s capital and only real source of government. They control planet-to-planet communications such as trade. Some communities connected to the capital get privileges like better medical care or the best produce to grow, but most are on their own.

The Valcovlians are split into two cultures. The Nobles and the Tribes. Nobles run everything while the Tribes live in the wilderness or work for the Nobles as servants or slaves. Both have their gentle and savage natures and traditions. There’s no single government (other than the capital), communities and clans run themselves with their own laws. Some are matriarchal, others have only males in them. While others forbid eating of meat, others enforce blood drinking. The list of diversities is nearly limitless.

However, they are not all hostile towards one another. Nickov comes from what we call a “normal” society at around our 18-19th century. The males mostly in charge, while the women work the house and make babies. The community he is from is bonded with two others and has direct ties to Jeruovka. Therefore supplies are far easier to get a hold of, and officials can step in if disturbances occur.

Valcovlians do not reproduce well. There are only about 2 billion of them planet wide (though due to the unknowns of the Fera-Aov desert and the tribes scattered around, no one knows an exact amount), while (at last count) mankind has expanded to 25 billion. Not only are they more advanced in the brain, how to work the land and basically everything we wished we could do, they also evolved twice as fast as we did. However, errors occurred along the way. High infertility and infant deaths, males with internal female organs (which not only cause reproductive issues, but infections and added disease), upright walking issues (hence the “bound” in their step instead of our one foot in front of the other method. For this they‘re also nicknamed the Blue Kangaroos by humans), among other imperfections humans have long since outgrown or are rare occurrences. They have two sets of lungs which enable them to process their planet’s harsh atmosphere as well as quickly adapt to new environments.

Personality: Nickov is of noble and tribe, both in upbringing and blood. He has good manners but he also has the stealth and abilities to hunt and fight as a tribesman would. He avoids violence when he can but is not afraid to step up to defend those he cares about. He is friendly, curious, but not idiotic, though at times it may seem that way, even a bit of a klutz. Sugar and honey are very hard to acquire back home (even living as a noble) so if you have to bribe him, sweets are the way to go.

Though he has been mistreated by humans, he harbors no ill-will against them as a species, just those individuals who did wrong by him. He loves kids, animals, and has high hopes that the girl who bought him as a bodyguard will treat him equally, or at the very least, better than what the Red Herdsmen have done.

He respected his step-father, but he never felt he wanted to be like him. He didn't like how he treated those lower than him and his family, nor did he like his job which hurt and hindered more than helped fellow Valcovlians.

On the other hand, Nickov loves his step-mother very much. Not only for taking him in when in all likelihood he would have been cast out and left for the wilds to gobble up, but she's always been there to teach him right from wrong, even if it wasn't right in his step-fathers eyes. She knows what's best for him and knows he wants more than to be stuck doing something he won't enjoy for the rest of his days. She protected and stood up to his stepfather, her mate of several years, when the truth behind his birth was revealed to him. To Nickov, she's the best parent he could have ever hoped to have.

He's a hard worker, always eager to learn more, and constantly tries to improve his English but all the slang and double meanings the language contains doesn't help which can make for some awkward moments. Nickov and his steed, Odyn, are quite attached emotionally and mentally. Odyn and Nickov have a blood bond, while Nickov's species can't read minds, they can sense emotions, and if a blood bond is formed, they can communicate in colors and symbols in the mind.

Background: Nickov’s parents were from different births. His mother was the Beta leader of a tribe already with a mate, while his father was a noble and betrothed to a female to secure a treaty between his and another community. A sort of Romeo and Juliet relation. When Nickov’s parents were found out by their clans about being together, and his mother’s mate found out the child she carried was not his, but a noble’s, all hell broke loose. His father was killed trying to protect his mother and for over a month she was on the run from both her tribe and the nobles, giving her no choice but to birth him alone in the wild.

With no medication, little to no nourishment, and bleeding problems, infection set in, and near death she brought the newborn Nickov to the nearest home she came to, a Noble’s. The female there, whose mate was away on a long-term trip, took in the baby and claimed him as her own, for she‘d recently been told by a medic that she could not have a one of her own.

His biological mother died soon after. On orders from Nickov‘s new mother, the servants buried her and vowed to never speak of this day to anyone. When her mate returned, uninformed of his mate’s inability to reproduce, he believed Nickov to be his, and took her lack of communication to him about it as a welcome home surprise. Since Valcovlian traits come and go with each generation, and other than a blood test, the only real way to tell a tribe babe from a noble is that tribe newborns are tattooed at birth by the Mystic (witch doctor). Nickov did not have that done and so his stepfather of course would not question the father of his trusted mate’s child.

The years passed, Nickov was given everything his father and mother could provide, and he did very well in school. When he became of age (looks 15, but Valcovlian years are measured differently and its been 30 years human-time) he found a tattered old cloth in his mother’s things while trying to hide a gift for his father. The cloth had been his as an infant and his stepmother had held onto it, intending to tell him one day. Quickly, though reluctantly, he was told the truth about his birth, or at least as much as his stepmother knew. His stepfather had been listening in and upon hearing the truth, was furious that he‘d been sheltering the illegitimate child of a tribe female. He attacked Nickov but ended up landing on his own gift, a new knife. Although it was self-defense, the noble officials overruled that with his bad heritage, Nickov was labeled an outlaw and a bounty put on his head for killing a high noble. His stepmother could do nothing except tell him to run and survive. She would get solitary confinement for three years and then exile out of the community boundaries.

Nickov lived in the wilderness for a few years, stealing and scrounging to keep alive. Adjusting to such a life was hard for one who was used to the easy life of a noble. Finding water instead of going to the tap, learning to hunt, sleeping with one eye open to ensure he was not found or eaten, and seeking shelter from the elements.

He earned a nasty long scar while trying to teach himself to swim. Valcovlians adapt to the water differently from alien to alien. Since his stepmother feared the water (her father drowned), she forbid him swimming lessons. While teaching himself, a Herpa, looking for a meal, attacked him. Herpas are close to what an eel looks like, and can get 30 feet long. Their underbellies are rough and feel like the coarsest of sandpaper when you touch them from tail to head. Run a finger the opposite way and it can shred your skin, which is how they kill their prey, wrapping itself around a victim like a constricting snake and then moving quickly to slice their victim apart. The herpa that attacked him didn't manage to wrap itself around him completely but it was enough to cut through and do some serious damage. He killed the herpa, but took weeks to recover.

One day, he came across who would soon become his first real friend, Odyn, a large okapi-like creature called a Brobarke. They can be caught and tamed, and used like cattle, but mostly considered a threat and a pest because they feed on livestock, fields, and can consume quite a bit in a short amount of time. Odyn was caught in a trap and some local kids were tormenting him when Nickov came along, scared the brats off and freed him, whereby Odyn ran off.

For awhile they did not see one another. Then Nickov, thirsty and worn, found himself in the trap of a Gerwana (giant rat-like creature which ensnares it prey by digging holes, covering them, and waiting for prey to come.) Odyn appeared above the hole and helped him out like Nickov did for him. Nickov continued on his unending venture of survival, but as Odyn followed him, drank with him and shared some meals with him, they grew closer and closer until Nickov was allowed to touch and eventually ride him.

Inseparable and looking out for one another like brothers, they were soon approached by a tribe party out hunting. Curious but wary that a noble was outside the borders, alone, and in such a rumpled state, they allowed Nickov an audience with their alpha leader. After he told the alpha about what had happened to him, Nickov was given food, clothing, and a place to sleep. He soon found out the tribe he was with was the same one his mother had been leader of. The leader, a female, was his aunt and she told him about the circumstances of his birth.

For years he hunted, lived beside them and learned what life was like for his real mother. Although he was older than the designated age to do so, they still put him in the same ranks as those to become of age. When the day came he was to be given his name, a trial to see if you‘re worthy of being one of them. A graduation test basically.

To do so, he had to hunt and kill a meal for the whole tribe by killing a Yerfghal, a giant bird-like creature. He lost his weapons in the hunt, and left with only his teeth and claws, he managed to sink his fangs into the neck of the beast and bring it down with the paralyzing venom all Valcovlians have. The bird’s red blood dribbled from his mouth and after the ceremony of name-giving (in which was given the name The Painted Noble) he was given his tribal tattoos (along his mouth and jaw where the blood dripped). Although he was also allowed to take a mate, he refused. He would have time later for a mate and children and he wished to find out what had become of his stepmother.

By now she’d moved into the lava caves in the south, living with a few other exiled Nobles. She’d grown sick and the medicine she needed could not be imported without going to Jeruovka and asking. Impossible for an exiled Noble, much less an outlawed one. So, using the money she‘d saved for him, he disguised himself, went to Jeruovka, and left the planet with Odyn to seek the medicine she needed.

There was a mix up in the ship change-over resulting in a bunch of other travelers and himself to board another ship, a merchant vessel. Uncomfortable, but cheap and quick. He met some of his first humans here. One man by name of Rodney and a young girl named Katy, who gave him her red scarf in thanks for leading her back to her mother when she got separated from her on the ship. Rodney, though not unfriendly, wasn’t exactly the kind of man one would want around. His knowledge basically consisted of money, women, sex, and dirty jokes. Not always in that order. While sweet little Katy taught him that not all humans were bad as he was brought up to be taught. Their trip however would turn out for the worse. The ship turned out to be a fake and the two-week trip had them steered to the wrong planet.

They were being taken in by an underground group called the Red Herdsmen. Human, but part of a terrible society who captured and enslaved anyone they could get a hold of, selling for profit. They disguised ships like the merchant one to be safe, ordinary vessels, but have it engineered to be all technology with no one from their ranks onboard, steering the ship basically from one planet to their base all by remote.

After they reached a certain point on the trip, the ventilation was injected with sleeping gas, causing all aboard to fall asleep. Nickov awoke and found himself tied to an exam table where a couple men are having a look at him. Having never captured his kind before, they wanted to be sure they could fetch a good price. They stripped him, bound him, and muzzled him before they strapped him to the auction post. Odyn by this time had been transferred elsewhere and Nickov‘s connection to him had dwindled to nothing.

For three days and nights Nickov was forced to stand on the splintery blood-and other bodily messed-stained stage. However with the planet’s rotation and position, made it so that there was a constant twilight/pre-dawn look to the sky, there was no way to tell how long he’d been standing there except by the comings and goings of the crowds. The weather was constantly hot with no breeze. The muzzle he was forced to wear was hard to breathe in and uncomfortably strapped and buckled. A temporary paralysis had been injected into his tail so that he could not use it, and the collar that had him magnetized to the pole was tight, itchy and uncomfortable. His wrists were bound to top it off.

He was to be gawked and prodded at until someone came along to buy him for the price of $75,000.

That someone, was Anna. A young human girl who’s eighteenth birthday would be in a couple days and she was here in this back-water crumb world for a present. A bodyguard more precisely. Her father at first was reluctant to buy a creature known for its hostility towards humans but Anna saw it as a plus. With such a creature as a bodyguard, she wouldn’t get kidnapped anymore.

Her father was the governor of a nearby moon‘s capital city, and therefore his daughter made a nice big target for those who wanted money. She’d been a damsel in distress four times in her life, at one time, twice in the same year. So, after giving Nickov a couple looks over, and asking a few questions of him, Anna had her father buy him.

Nickov was taken to their ship and though exhausted, hungry and nervous at what was to become of him, Nickov pleaded in his best English (for he was still learning) if they could find and bring Odyn with them. As a result they remained on the planet for a couple more days. Worried for his only friend, Nickov refused to eat and rest and tried to be as pleasant to Anna as he could. Anna’s father managed to track down where the non-humaniods were taken and bought Odyn. Reunited, the alien brothers slept on the way to their new home.

Abilities/Additional Notes: Average Valcovlian for the most part. He stands 7 and half feet tall. Light blue-skinned with dark magenta tattooing that goes from under his nose, across his lips, down his chin and follows his jaw. His ears are large, bat-like, mobile, and curl at the tips. They’re pierced and have a tooth hanging from each.

A smooth, long, powerful tail (powerful enough to hold his weight for long periods of time) adds another limb. He has black semi-retractable claws on his fingers (five on each) with four large black-clawed toes. He sports two sets of canines on both top and bottom, a third set in the roof of his mouth like a snake’s, but the venom is not lethal, its permanent paralysis. He can control such a bite and never uses it unless he has no weapon and he‘s hunting for food. Valcovlian hair ranges from white to black and all shades of gray as well as a pale gray-purple which comes and goes in generations. Kind of the red-heads of the species. His hair is white and goes down past his shoulder blades.

Cold weather and strong light are unpleasant for him, so late sunset to early dawn is when he prefers to be out and about. All senses are many times what a human’s are, and as such, more delicate. What could smell bad to a human, may nauseate him. He has one large visible scar that runs from the top of his forehead hairline down across his right eye, down his neck, across his chest and stomach around to the top base of his tail. As such, his right eye has poor sight that comes and goes depending on the light, more light, harder to see out of it, less, easier, while some days he can’t see at all out if it. He got the scar while out in the wilderness, shortly after killing his stepfather. Valcovlian blood is sea greenish, and the scars he bears are as such.

Lastly, his species has some telepathic abilities, but not in words. In emotions and in something like watercolor pictures or waves through one‘s head. For example, if Odyn was happy, pinks and purples and blues of bubble-like forms would drift into Nickov’s mind. And vice versa. Humans do not have this ability but Valcovlians can sense something along those lines when near any living being. The closer one is to the being, the more distinctive the image in the mind.
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